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Her er noen nylige oppdateringer om prosjektet

Validation studies of the MIREIA project begin

The objective validation studies of the results of the MIREIA project have begun. These results include heart, shoulder and colon models, both 3D printed and virtual, for use as educational tools for surgical students and residents.

Abstract at the Annual Congress of the Spanish Society of Biomedical Engineering. Valladolid (Spain) 2022

Read our article regarding the development of a colon model for training in laparoscopic surgery from semi-automatic processing techniques of medical imaging and 3d printing.

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Here is a list of where Mireia Project travelled to so far and where we plan to visit next

Here you can download a PDF file showing all our dissemination activities during 2021 and 2022, focusing on oral presentations and posters from conferences around the world. The list also includes our planned activities for 2023.

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MIREIA Project was recently presented to EACEA

Presentation of #Mireia to EACEA, project financed by Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliances by Centro de Cirugía de Mínima Invasión Jesús Usón - CCMIJU Francisco Miguel Sánchez Margallo Juan A. Sánchez Margallo on mixed reality and 3D printing.

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MIREIA Project 2nd meeting in Oslo, Norway

The 2nd project meeting of the MIREIA Consortium took place in Oslo at St Olav Hospital on June 1, 2022 in Hybrid format. The meeting was scheduled in conjunction with the 33rd Annual Conference of the Society of Medical Innovation and Technology on May 30-31, 2022.
In the Simulation and Visualization session on May 31, 2022, a 15-minute oral presentation on the project objectives and the current stage of realization, entitled Mixed Reality in Medical Education based on interactive Application - The MIREIA Project was given by Juan Alberto Sanchez-Margallo.
During the Conference, at the Steering Committee meeting on May 30 and the General Assembly on May 31, Calin Tiu gave three-minute presentations of the Project stage.
During the conference, an 80/200 cm Roller made by Medis, including the contact elements of the project was posted in the exhibition space.